Mega platform powerful logic based customization, so you can build an intelligent and dynamic WordPress site that can give your users exactly what they want. We have developed Mega Platform based on our 20+ years of experience solving real problems in various sectors.

Mega Platform provides three important developer friendly features:

  • Define custom hook : Developers can define a method in their code and add this method in logical rules section, which will be called by Mega Platform once the rule is satisfied. Hook can be further used to develop customer features like sending email, show important messages in site etc.
  • Rule status : Access the evaluated value of the rule using the utility method in the code.
  • Enabling Debug Mode : This feature is very useful for debugging purpose. If developers would like to know the status of the Rules then enable the Debug Mode option and copy the Shortcode [bis_logical_rule_status] to any page. If you access the debug Page, you can view the status of each and every rule as shown below.


Status of the rules: