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Language Dropdown

Language dropdown

Selected language is persisted in the cookie, therefore from next time on-wards user will see his last selected language from drop-down. This dropdown can be styled by passing custom css class. See below for more options.

  • eng_label : If true shows all languages in dropdown with english label. Default is false.
  • class : Custom css class name. Define any css class for dropdown and add in you style.css of your theme and include the class name as parameter.
  • search_box : show searchbox in the dropdown. If false no search box is shown.

To include Language switcher in the theme header use below code.
Default Usage:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[bis_language_selector]'); ?>


<?php echo do_shortcode('[bis_language_selector include="en_US,en_GB"]'); ?>


<?php echo do_shortcode('[bis_language_selector exclude="en_US,en_GB"]'); ?>

Using all Options :

<?php echo do_shortcode('[bis_language_selector eng_label=true class="bigdrop" search_box="false"]'); ?>

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