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Need to show country-specific content


I have two requirements.

1. I need to show content within some pages, depending on user’s country. One content for India, one for rest of the world.
2. For some pages, I need to redirect users, based on their country. For example, Page A should only be visible to users in India and Page B to users outside India. If Indian users type Page B, they should be redirected to Page A and if international users type Page A, they should be redirected to Page B.

Admin credentials for my website are below:
username: megaedzee
password: A%A42SWG@FP6HITJrSog(qM)

The page I’m working on is for point 1 is http://beecompany.in/organica/waste-water-treatment/anaerobic-treatment/

In this page, there is a section called Product Portfolio which needs to be different for Indian vs International users.

For point 2, please note the two pages below:
http://beecompany.in/organica/waste-water-treatment/anaerobic-treatment/bioclean-anb/ (This page is for international users)
http://beecompany.in/organica/waste-water-treatment/anaerobic-treatment/clean-maxx-anb/ (This page is for Indian users)
If Indian users visit the international page, they should be redirected to Indian page and vice versa for international users.

Follow this link http://docs.megaedzee.com/docs/page-controller/content-editor-filter/

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