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Using Page controller you can hide and replace dynamic page or menu content depending on different factors, such as their location (Continent, Country, State and City), language, IP, date, browser, mobile user and more. Define action with almost everything like Geolocation, IP Address, Request URL, Third-Party URL, User Role, Guest User, Date and Time etc 37 different options with any combination.
This plugin also generate short codes.

Define Menu List for Login users and not Login users

Page Controller plugin provides a flexible way of Define menu list of pages.In case we want differentiate by Login and Not Login users for menu list, this is so simple task with page controller plugin. Just we need to define one page rule.Rule is select pages which you want to hide on menu and select Action as hide page then add rule like Unregistered(Not Logged In) user equal to Unregistered User

Add Dynamic Content

Add dynamic content to the pages without writing any code. Just you have to select the desired pages and action which you would like to perform from drop downs. Dynamic content can be added to the page at any location using the location drop down. Below are the different actions available for Page Controller. Click on the image for the maximized view.

  •  Append Content
  •  Append Content with Image Background
  •  Append Image to Page
  •  Replace Content
  •  Append 3rd Party Short code
  •  Hide Page
  •  Soft Page Hide

Control Third Party Short code

WordPress developers uses many Third-Party short codes, but there is no way to control whether to display short code content or not. Using Page controller we can dynamically control the Third-Party short codes. This feature is very useful if you do not like to render the Third-Party short code for some Countries or Users depending on your business rule. Click on the image for the maximized view.

Show or Hide Pages

Pages can be shown or hidden using the Page Controller. Apply the desired business rules on the selected Pages, those Pages will be shown or hidden based on business rules.

Add Dynamic Image to Pages

Page controller plugin can add any image dynamically with any desired size. Images can be added at fixed locations like top or bottom of the Page or any location using short code feature. Images can also be shown as popups and background images.

Generate Short code

Page Controller plugin provides a flexible way of appending dynamic content to Top or Bottom of the Page. But if you would like to add the dynamic content any desired location with or without image then Generate Short code option will be very handy. After Generating the Short code, copy the Short code and place at any desired location in the pages.

Replace Content of Pages

Page Controller plugin can replace the entire page content based on the business rule. For example if you would like to display a different page content for US users and a different content to the rest of the world then this feature will be very useful.

List of Page Rules

Administrators can define any number of Page Rules using this plugin. Below options are available for the Page Rules actions.

  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Delete

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