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No effect by activate the rule


we had contact also any days befor for setting the right rules for the redirection via German Zip Code. We have set the rule exact s a syou have send us in the picture.
But we must say your tool did not the job.

Contact and Shop order from Zip code “79206 Breisach” and also from “04177 Leipzig” are landing in the wrong redirection page. We have set only a reditectin for Zip Code 1xxxx and 2xxxx, not for 0 and 7 and all other.

How can we fix this problem? Otherwise it this tool not to handle for us.

kind regards

Hi Hendrik,

Plugin includes only Country Database. You have to install the Maxmind Cities DB or IP2 Location DB or enable webservice option in Global Settings of the Plugin

We have not included the Cities Database to avoid bundling of huge file in plugin, which increase the plugin size.

Please follow below docs to install Cities DB or change the DB to IP2Location.


After updating the Geolocation file, please check in the trouble shoot. You should able to see your region and city.


Please let me know if you need more info.

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