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Redirect multiple sites

I have a WooCommerce Multisite located at socialeyeslashes.com with 4 stores, located at .com, .com/ca/, .com/au/, and .com/uk/. HTTPS is forced.

I need help setting up my site. I will be using WP Rocket for Caching paired with CloudFlare. Right now the WP Rocket Plugin is installed but not activated. My WP Rocket username is: rich@nobullco.com and the password is: VbXBe3%A^U06

I would like the following redirects:
1. Persons from Canada are redirected to https://socialeyeslashes.com/ca/
2. Persons from Australia and New Zealand are redirected to https://socialeyeslashes.com/au/
3. Persons from the United Kingdom are redirected to https://socialeyeslashes.com/uk/
4. The rest of the world (United States, India, China, Europe etc.) goes to https://socialeyeslashes.com/

Each store has a unique API which our shipping software for our warehouses in Canada, Australia and UK use.

The store’s API Endpoints are:

They **cannot** have any traffic redirected or geoiped. They must be whitelisted. I would also like to whitelist all /wp-admin pages (for /ca/, /au/, /uk/ and .com) and if an admin is signed in.

Also, if possible, to whitelist these IP addresses:

Follow this link http://docs.megaedzee.com/docs/redirect-controller/uses-of-plugin/standard-use-case/#redirect-by-country

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