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Using Redirect controller you will be able to redirect or even block your site visitors depending on different factors, such as their location (Continent, Country, State and City), language, IP, date, browser, mobile user, bulk or pattern redirect and more. Define redirect with almost everything like Geolocation, IP Address, Request URL, Third-Party URL, User Role, Guest User, Date and Time, Page, Post, Category etc with 37 different options and any combination.

General Features

Using Redirect controller you will be able to redirect or even block your site visitors.

  • Redirect Type – 301 : 301 redirect means that the page has permanently moved to a new location.
  • Redirect Type – 302 : 302 redirect means that the page has only temporary moved to a new location .

Redirect PopUp

Redirect Controller Plugin comes with a configurable Redirect PopUp. Instead of auto redirecting, we can configure a Redirect PopUp, which will be shown to the users on site access.

Redirect PopUp configuration

  • Configure PopUp to a single or multiple Countries, Region, City, Pages, Posts, Categories, User Roles, URLs, IP Addresses, dates etc and based on any combination.
  • Configure Title, Heading, Sub Heading, Button Labels, Redirect URL.
  • Add any image from WordPress media to the PopUp, image size option is also provided.
  • Configure Auto Redirect time.
  • Show PopUp Once or Always per user visit.
  • Open Redirect URL in current browser window or new window.
  • Remember user selection using Cookie(cookie lifetime is one week).

List of Redirect Rule

Administrators can define any number of Redirect Rules using this plugin. Below options are available for the Redirect Rule actions.

  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Delete

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