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Bulk Redirect (WPML)

Bulk or pattern redirect is useful, if customers want to redirect the URL of one pattern type to other pattern and keep the remaining part of the URL as is. This feature is extremely useful websites which are supporting Multilingual. For example website which are configured with  WPML Multilingual Plugin.


In the below example, all the URLs requesting http://mysite.com will be redirected to http://mysite.com/fr, similarly if user is requesting http://mysite.com/video will be redirected to http://mysite.com/fr/video.


Source URL: http:/mywebsite.com/product/product1
Redirected URL: http:/mywebsite.com/fr/product/product1

Source URL: http:/mywebsite.com/product/product2
Redirected URL: http:/mywebsite.com/fr/product/product2

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