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Customize Popup Template

1.How to create template.

  • Copy basic template html file provided by MegaEdzee.
  • Basic Template

  • Customize copied template in your own way.

2.How to upload template.

  • Copy the your customized html file.
  • Paste the customized html file in your Plugin directory <WordPress>\wp-content\uploads\bis_rulesengine_uploads\bis_redirectrules

    ex :- D:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\uploads\bis_rulesengine_uploads\bis_redirectrules

3.How to use template in Redirect Popup.

  • Open your redirect plugin and click on add rule fill all fields required, click on show popup checkbox.
  • And select your customized template file which is showed on select drop down box and create logical rule and save the rule.

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